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Technology News: Chain Business Insights Blockchain eBook Reveals Significance Of Precision Farming

The latest technology news creating ripple is the launch of blockchain ebook by Chain Business Insights that reveals the significance of precision farming. The independent research company is focusing on blockchain application in the management of supply chain and trade finance. The book titled,” Blockchain in Smallholder Farming: Sowing the Seeds of Growth,” delves on how blockchain technology, when combined with agricultural technologies, can improve the productivity to a great extent.

Precise farming that will materialize in this way can bring out the smallholder farmers from the threshold of poverty ultimately bolstering the food supply of the world. Global warming has started affecting the nature’s cycle. Other factors that are also influencing food production include climate change, geopolitical unrest and most importantly massive growth in population. All these factors are putting a lot of pressure on the food production industry of which a decent amount comes from small farms in the developing world.

These small farmers have to face multiple challenges including rampant corruption in the supply chain and lack of adequate insurance and finance. These are the resources that are needed for improving yields which these small farmers lack. According to Ken Cottrill, the Research Principal, and Co-founder at Chain Business Insights, “Blockchain could help to improve trust and transparency in the supply chain and give smallholder farmers access to critical market data. In addition, it could enable them to grow crops that are in high demand such as organic and gluten-free foods, and improve the environmental sustainability of their operations.”

According to the latest technology news, most of the vendors are now trying out blockchain-enabled innovations in small farming as they think that the sector offers substantial business opportunity, SupplyChain Management Reviewreported. The scope of blockchain technology is unlimited that is why innovators from almost all the fields are trying to develop a solution using blockchain.

Latest is the Canadian Scenarex company that develops publishing solutions based on the blockchain. The company is coming out with the Beta version of Bookchain, its first solution in the coming days. Incidentally, the company is also going to participate in Nashville, Tennessee located Digital Book World event as a sponsor, Cision reported.

The technology news says that Bookchain is based on Ethereum (ETH) network which is an online distribution platform for ebook enabling publishers, content creators, and authors to sell as well as publish their books via the blockchain platform.

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