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Tech Company Shivom Ventures Limited Predicts Multiple Opportunities In Cannabis Industry

Shivom Ventures Limited is a tech company who predicted multiple opportunities in the cannabis industry collaboration with a software company called TruTrace Technologies, Inc. Clinical research opportunities, medical insights, and personalized healthcare products can be provided to cannabis consumers. Both companies work together for the exploration of blockchain technology in the global cannabis market.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at TruTrace Technologies, Inc Robert Galarza said, “Shivom has developed some very interesting technology that combines genomics, cryptography and AI, and we are excited to begin collaborating with them. We plan to explore development and integration opportunities to advance clinical research, and bring greater transparency, insights and viability to the legal medical and recreational cannabis industry.”
The software company TruTrace Technologies, Inc is located in Toronto, a city in Canada. It has created a blockchain platform. The platform can be used for the registration and the tracking of intellectual property in the cannabis industry. Identifying and securing rights of this intellectual property will also be allowed.
The tech company Shivom Ventures Limited is a non-government firm. It was incorporated in the year 2008. 
TruTrace Technologies, Inc was established in the year 2018. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It is previously known as BLOCKStrain Technology Corp, according to the official LinkedIn account of TruTrace Technologies, Inc.
Robert Galarza is working in Game2Mobile as the President along with working in the software company TruTrace Technologies as the CEO. He has a deep understanding of the legal, entertainment, sports, and marketing industries. He has completed an undergraduate academic degree called Bachelor of Science from a public research university called the University of Texas at Austin, according to Bloomberg.
Cuttack (Orissa) is the place where the registration of the tech company Shivom Ventures Limited was done, according to the Economic Times. Leveraging the way of sharing, securing, and evaluating DNA is a purpose of the company, Proactive Investors reported
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