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Tech Company Microsoft To Help Developers Build Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Microsoft Corporation is a tech company who wants to help developers in building enterprise blockchain applications. The developers can manage the enterprise blockchain applications.
The company has made a partnership with a blockchain startup called Truffle. Tools are integrated into its Azure cloud computing service. The startup built the tools. The main purpose of the integration of the tools is to help the developers. The tools are known as Truffle tools. They are available on Microsoft Azure. 
The integration of Truffle is said to be done with an open-source enterprise blockchain Quorum of JPMorgan. Quorum is used for JPMCoin.
Truffle tools are available from May 2. They are downloaded 2.7+ million times. Truffle is recognized as the oldest project of ConsenSys. ConsenSys is the Brooklyn-based Ethereum incubator. Making tools to help developers in building applications on Ethereum was a purpose behind Truffle.
Azure customers like Adobe, HP, the International Hotels Group, and legions of smaller projects can build upon either a public Ethereum blockchain or a private Ethereum blockchain. The tech Company Microsoft will support the Azure customers.
The principal program manager at Azure Blockchain Engineering Marc Mercuri said, “We really believe in the power of blockchain. This is not some arbitrary thing that we’re going to do because customers are forcing us.”
An extension to Visual Studio Code of Microsoft is the newly integrated services of this alignment. Developers are helped through the extension for the creation of smart contracts. They are also helped for testing the smart contracts at the local level before the deployment of the smart contracts. One more service of this alignment is to help teams in monitoring the real-time blockchain apps performance, Forbes reported.
Empowering every person along with every firm in achieving more is a mission of the
tech company Microsoft Corporation. The company brings a transformation in their businesses. The transformation is designed for the enabling of Microsoft and its customers in flourishing in this world. Its business is expanded across 170 countries. It employs 114,000 passionate people who are working hard to fulfilling its mission, according to the official LinkedIn account of Microsoft.
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