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TAU Crypto Exchange Official Roll Out Date Scheduled For October 18

The TAU crypto exchange official roll-out date has been scheduled for October 18. This roll-out would provide an opportunity to see what the TAU coin is worth to the public. The TAU coin which aims to provide fair, secure and fast currency without inflation, at the moment claims that around 37,000 accounts have been created on the crypto network and around 624,000 transactions have been performed.

With its launch, the TAU exchange will provide room for the listing of only TAU/BTC trade pair, thereby making it easy to trade the native coin for BTC and vice versa. The TAU coin which was founded by David Wu (iMorpheus) and four others uses a Proof-of-Transaction (PoT) consensus mechanism. This is a mechanism with which its transactions are incentivized.

While crypto exchange TAU is encouraging users to carry out transactions, it is distributing rewards to people through club wiring. The PoT consensus does not encourage accumulating hardware and wealth. Presently, the total available supply of TAU coin is estimated to be around 10 billion TAU.

Coin swap will take place every 360 blocks and the TAU foundation will be allocating 60,000 TAU into the exchange for token distribution. Users will be offered the opportunity to trade TAU with BTC seamlessly by TAU-X without the involvement of middlemen, as stated in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide report.

With regards to valuation, the TAU exchange founder, David Wu (iMorpheus) stated that different “tribes” value time differently and that even he is excited to find out how it fares. Different groups in the TAU community are termed as “tribes”.

The crypto exchange TAU coin community has taken over the majority of transaction or mining that is being done on the network. David Wu claims that less than 20 percent of mining is being done by the TAU Coin Foundation, as stated in the Block Tribune report.

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