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Tari Labs Forms Blockchain University To Offer Free Online Learning Courses

Tari Labs recently launched free online blockchain learning university. The new Blockchain University will provide training to both local as well as international blockchain developers. The end goal of Tari Labs is to find out the ultimate experience of digital assets such as in-game items, digital collectibles, concert tickets, and other goods that are digitally scarce.

Blockchain technology’s potential and applications are vast and only deep exploration can help the industries derive maximum benefit from it. According to Naiveen Jain, blockchain provides an opportunity for a smooth experience and the virtual assets are the biggest asset to this technology. Tari Labs developed the Tari protocol after the existing blockchain protocols were used by the developers for developing a solution to resolve real issues.

Incidentally, Riccardo Spagni, the promoter of Monero (XMR) a local expert of blockchain built launched Tari at the start of 2018. According to the South African blockchain startup, blockchain technology comprises of a lot of uses cases which are yet to be tapped.

Tari Labs aims to spread the Tari protocol through the online learning process further. The startup believes that it can be achieved by creating next-generation professionals in open source and blockchain field. Blockchain free University’s launch will help the startup to develop such developers who will take the Tari protocol to greater heights, Smartereumreported.

A senior project contributor, Cayle Sharrock said,” Tari Labs University is aimed at becoming the most preferred platform for easily accessible blockchain, digital assets, and cryptocurrency learning materials, from beginner to advanced level. He said the more expert blockchain and open source developers they can create, the better it is for the entire ecosystem.”

According to the CCP Press, the proposed site for Tari Labs’ online learning Blockchain University is the Johannesburg. Tari helps you to be in control with its new open source, and decentralized protocol reimagining the future of digital assets, reported Tari. The platform allows anyone to develop a program with complex rules for virtual assets.

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