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Swiss Luxury Watch Brand Hublot Limited Edition ‘Blockchain Watch’ Opens For Pre-Orders

The renowned Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot has launched its limited edition “Blockchain Watch” and now it is open for pre-orders. The highlighting feature is that this 210-piece watch can be purchased only with cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). The company intends to pay homage to the blockchain technology and Big Bang Series through this launch.

Incidentally, the watch features a signature industrial design of Big Bang whereas the aesthetics have been inspired by the cryptocurrency. And one of the main reasons for giving so much importance to virtual currency is because Hublot is launching the limited edition watch to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin as a token for the contribution of the crypto community.

Hublot is known for supporting those who pursue innovations and have admiration for avant-gardism and want to introduce a new system into the world for its betterment. That is why the company has now collaborated with the leading digital asset brokerage of Asia, OS Limited (OSL) so that it can welcome a new blend in the world of the watch and advanced technology industries.

According to Hublot official website, the limited edition Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot is an ideal fusion between the cutting-edge FinTech technology and top-notch Swiss watchmaking thus representing a strong fusion of art. Hublot is now making the new hand-assembled edition available for pre-sale. The company’s official website will also display a project roadmap related to it.

Priced at $25,000, the company is producing only 210 pieces of this edition symbolic of 21 million Bitcoin that would ever exist, Bitcoinist reported. The company will launch the watch on November 6, 2018, and deliver it to the customers on January 3, 2019. OSL will help the company to process computer data during the pre-sale and also promises a safe and secure shopping experience to the customers.

Pre-registration of the Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot will require a crypto enthusiast to provide all his information including full name, phone number, and address and upload copies of passport, proof of address and government ID. It can discourage many Bitcoin fans who prefer privacy.

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