Swachhcoin Pre-Sale: Everything We Know About India’s Project Built On Blockchain Technology

Swachhcoin is about to begin a new revolution in the world of waste management. The idea behind that is to develop a worldwide decentralized environment for the upcoming ages. This is going to be in done in order to gain the maximum advantage of new age technological systems like Big Data, IoT, AI and Blockchain Technology.

Run by a young and dynamic group of people Swachhcoin is a Non-Profit Organisation which has come up with this brilliant idea of effective waste management. Talented researchers and engineers are a part of this team who are working for the upliftment of this unprivileged sector. The team will give away Swachh Tokens which are the monetary benefits for all kinds of the household waste generator.

In addition to this, any industrial and manufacturing unit willing to adopt the same method will be equipped will all sort of devices and technologies related to their surroundings. This entire infrastructure has been specifically designed according to the needs of their business.

The upgrade of their waste management system is going to make an impact on their overall output and recycling management methods. It is a systematic way of implementing new ideas and successful implementing at the same time.

Swachhcoin Public Pre-Sales

The debut of public Pre-Sales has already begun from 1st of June 2018. One of its first kinds of token release system is going to sell 400 Million Swachh tokens within two phases of sales. In the upcoming months, the prices are likely to soar high. Chief Marketing Officer of Swachhcoin, Naman Jain, mentioned that they have received immense support from the community for the project. It is because they are dealing with the biggest global crisis of the 21st century. They are going to make some major announcements in the upcoming days, according to The Currency Analytics.

Swachhcoin is being looked upon as the most innovative monetary initiative for Clean India Campaign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has supported this new model which combined both cleaning and monetary aspects.

The team of Swachhcoin has already begun hiring new members for their various departments. Stay connected with us to find out more about Swachhcoin.

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