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SVPER Gears Up For New ICO Presale With Full Confidence

An instant and a social video-only app called SVPER is gearing up for its new ICO presale. The app is about to get the support of a couple of key investors.

DAEX Blockchain Group and LBank, a specialized and superior digital exchange have joined the worldwide network of partners of SVPER in the Blockchain space. Plus, SVPER is said to be in the midst of advanced negotiations with several other major investors. It has already got term sheets/pledges for the token sale of the company.

DAEX Blockchain Group’s Director Catherine Zhou spoke about the strategic association between SVPER and DAEX. She said that the company will assist in bridging the gaps pertaining to the underlying identification technologies of DAEX. Zhou added that the team of SVPER will also help in enhancing the ecosystem of DAEX as a whole. Thus, it can lead to the foundation for more co-operation between the two in the coming days.

Plus, the co-founder of Alphabit Fund, Saeed Al Darmaki, who is also an advisor and investor to SVPER mentioned that SVPER is a unique proposition and has the ability to disrupt the social networking market in a big way because of utilizing the merits of Blockchain for addressing the major problems in social networking, according to Entrepreneur.

More About  SVPER’s New ICO

The SVPER app included the tokenized economy to inspire users to become more active in real life, as well as, in the app and to develop an app economy, which is highly scalable. SVP or the SVPER token is available on an ERC20 ETH based platform.

The new ICO starts from November 1 and will last until November 30, 2018. On the other hand, the token sale event for the pre-ICO is from September 17 to October 21. SVPs are needed in all the transactions within the mobile apps. Users will have the choice to earn the SVPs, can repurchase, or spend them in that app, the SVPER light paper noted.

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