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Stock Exchange Performs Better Under Modi Compared To Vajpayee’s Tenure

The business sectors have performed better in stock exchange under the National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA’s) Narendra Modi, as compared with Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure as India’s PM.

The information shows that the Nifty 50 file, indented up a pick up of 5.7 percent, while the Sensex lost one percent on absolute basis between October 13, 1999, when Vajpayee accepted the charge as the PM, till May 19, 2004, when he left out office.

Both these records have surged an enormous 55 percent and 53 percent respectively, individually under PM Modi (till August 14, 2018) – tremendously beating the rally amid 1999 – 2004.

Other than the reform/policy measures under the Modi’s regime, a key factor that drove markets higher and has flows – both local and foreign – into the value markets.

Modi has been great with changes and opened foreign direct investment (FDI) avenues, for example, insurance and aviation. Demonetisation, however, an exceptional advance, was viewed as a measure to handle the hazard of black money. Investors saw this in a positive light for the stock exchange.

G Chokkalingam, originator and managing director at Equinomics Research, clarified that the embraced changes got retail financial specialists and mutual funds, as well, to put resources into values as an asset class. This crucial part of financialization was absent in the Vajpayee government.

What’s more, the numbers prove him right.

According to official data, while foreign institutional investors (FIIs) had directed in around Rs 717 billion in Vajpayee’s tenure, they have contributed over Rs 1406 billion amid May 26, 2014, till August 14. Mutual funds, then again, which pulled back a net Rs 66.5 billion in Vajpayee’s tenure, have put in a huge Rs 3,474 billion under Modi.

As per the report of Business Standard, in spite of the fact that the jury may be out on how to compel the policies and that the government has been under both these regimes, stock exchange financial specialists without a doubt have seen ‘acche din’ under Modi.

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