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Steve Bannon Jokes About Launching Own Crypto Coin, Former Donald Trump Strategist Backs Bitcoin, Altcoin

Ex Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon has favoured bitcoin and its popularity and has decided to produce his self-branded crypto coin. Bitcoin presently having bad times as a consequence of hacking of South Korean crypto. This also tumbling bitcoin price globally. After large jump pf crypto during last year, this downfall is apprehended as a manipulation game by crypto business.

Bannon alleys fear that Donald Trump’s propaganda will have the ill effect on crypto. However, SB believes that bitcoins popularity will not be a heart. During an interview with New York Time SB stated that he has stake in crypto and has a great confidence in it. He also urged global business groups to take part in crypto investment by creating their own bitcoin similarly as he likes to do. However, SB had criticised crypto early this year.BD impressed that his interest in crypto not only due to its potentiality but also due to its gain of huge popularity.

BD hopes that crypto will fulfil his political interest. He also expects that popularity of crypto will ultimately make it decontrolled from the central authority. He added that he is a believer of the fact that “controller of currency will be the controller of everything”. Hillary Clinton’s era also memorizes bitcoins deplorability outlook. Nationalist of US Govt believed in the pollical potentiality of bitcoin even before its mainstream emergence.

Andrew Auer Heimer, a neo-Nazi, blogged in 2014 about his favour for crypto. And in March 2017 Richard Spencer Twitted “ I heartily encourage you to consider cryptocurrency, including bitcoin. A great number of neo-Nazis are already involved in crypto because they are opposed to traditional currency. As a consequence, to the hate rally by New Nazis, last year held in Charlottesville, Apple and PayPal stopped finance support to hate group website.

Bitcoin is the most popular than coin “Monaro” supported by White group. “Monero”, is reported to be most secured than bitcoin and enjoys 10% rebate in subscriptions to Whitist’s website. Despite recent fall in cryptocurrency a lot of white nationalists became rich. Bannon although not declared but supposed to be very rich by investing in cryptocurrenc, The Guardian reported.

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