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From Startup to State: Bitcoin Payment System Gets Green Signal

Bitcoin is surging and overcoming all barriers as it is gaining access in all the markets. From naive startups to established firms, everyone is using the bitcoin payment system. According to the recent news, Glance Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that it has launched its new ‘Pay With Bitcoin’ feature. Pay with Bitcoin system enables users to pair their cryptocurrency wallet with their Glance Pay account. The user then can purchase Glance Dollars with Bitcoin.

In the crypto space, Bitcoin is considered to be a leading coin as it is surpassing its competitors and is securing a foothold. Despite that, Bitcoin payments have some shortcomings that need to be dealt with. One of the challenges with Bitcoin payments is that transactions can take hours to complete. Glance’s new feature solves this problem by enabling lightning-fast payments.

With the help of technology, Glance has managed to overcome the shortcomings. It will allow merchants to receive payments in fiat currency without requiring any knowledge of how to use cryptocurrency. Payment with the bitcoin system is a boon as it will offer all its merchants an unparallel suite of payment options. The feature also includes powerful anti-fraud technology that will prevent mishandling of the assets. The feature is user-friendly and doesn’t require any extra hardware other than the mobile device.

“We are continually building out new payment features to ensure our platform is at the forefront of technology,” Glance Technologies CEO Desmond Griffin said. Pay With Bitcoin allows Glance users to unlock the value of their crypto assets for use in their everyday lives while seamlessly opening up a new cutting-edge payment method for merchants, as mentioned in Globe Newswire.

In the recent development, Ohio, U.S has embraced the bitcoin payment system gladly. Ohio will be able to pay their taxes in bitcoin making the state that’s high in the middle and round on both ends the first in the nation to accept cryptocurrency officially, reported on TechCrunch.

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