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Sports Club S.L. Benfica And Telecom Company AT&T To Support Cryptocurrency Payments

A professional sports club called S.L. Benfica and a telecom company called AT&T support cryptocurrency payments.
The professional sports club S.L. Benfica has made a partnership with a crypto payment company called Utrust. The main purpose of the partnership is to facilitate S.L. Benfica fans with crypto payments. Tickets and merchandise can be purchased on Benfica’s online store using cryptocurrency. The partnership is hoped for the evolution of its e-commerce strategy. It is also hoped for the expansion of its global audience & customer reach.
Making people comfortable while using cryptocurrency payments is a hope of Utrust. Utrust can provide instant crypto-to-fiat conversions as it wants to modernize the finance and payments industry. Native Utrust token (UTK) and other cryptocurrencies [bitcoin and Ethereum] can be used for paying through the Utrust platform.
Drawing in tech-savvy football fans and introducing a blockchain payments concept are hopes of the S.L. Benfica. Seeing more people pay using cryptocurrency is one more hope of the S.L. Benfica. S.L. Benfica has 14+ million worldwide supporters. It has 7+ million social media platforms-based fans. It can take advantage of the increased security and convenience related to blockchain payments, Verdict reported.

The telecom company AT&T has made a partnership with a cryptocurrency payments company called BitPay. Providing customers with a crypto payment option is a purpose behind the partnership. When a customer logs on to their account, then BitPay will be popped up as the crypto payment option. The customer can select the crypto payment option. The Vice President (VP) at AT&T Communications Finance Business Operations Kevin McDorman said, “We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services. We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer,” the official website of AT&T reported.

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