Spain’s Valencia Port Creating ‘Smart Port’ Using Blockchain And Big Data Info

The busiest ports in Spain located in the city of Valencia announced that it will create a “smart port” which will implement blockchain and big data info and technologies. The official website of the port revealed the news.

According to Jose Garcia De La Guia who looks after the technological innovations and introduction in the Port Authority of Valencia, blockchain is a very good option for improving logistics. He believes that all the international ports can follow the example of Valencia and benefit from a decentralized platform of blockchain technology.

Guia stated, “Starting from Valencia, we offer to use blockchain as a strategic option to provide transparency of logistic chain, from end to end, going further than our port itself. That means we’re planning to apply cloud technologies not only with our partners from Port Community Systems but also with all others.” He further added that with the help of blockchain it will be possible to create ports without papers.

Guia believes that blockchain info can optimize the resources at a global level and reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance and also cuts down the cost. The Valencia port officials delivered this message in Rotterdam city of Netherlands, during the Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies conference, said Cointelegraph.

Apart from Valencia port officials, representatives from Algeciras in Spain and Antwerp from Belgium also took part in the conference. Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration from the Netherlands also participated in the event.

Blockchain technology and info have wider applications and are used in ports across the world, said Bitcoin Exchange Guide. Since last year ports have been focusing on improving logistics and hence the usage of blockchain has grown massively. One of the latest examples is the Associated British Ports (ABP), the leading port operator in the UK that has participated in the beta-testing of a shipment solution based on blockchain technology.

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