South Korea’s Biggest Crypto Exchange Coinone Works On Expanding Elsewhere In Asia By 2019

South Korea’s biggest crypto exchange Coinone is planning to use its corporation’s success to enlarge and secure cryptocurrency markets against uninformed regulation in South Korea. South Korea made a name for its self as the little country with a big craving for digital assets. The country of 50 million developed one of the huge markets for Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017 and the cryptocurrency exchange Coinone had a lot to do with that.

Led by CEO Myunghun Cha since 2014, the Coinone crypto exchange aims to open up the South Korean crypto market by providing its citizens the option of trading an extensive collection of cryptos against the Won, Korea’s official currency.

The public image that the government is trying to express is that exchanges in Korea are not good an exchange, an official stated requesting secrecy. The Korean exchange, which already functions in Indonesia, is in talks with partners in at least two countries and will be looking to form between three and four ventures where it will hold the majority stake. The exchange might open in Malta, an ambitious crypto center. As per the news published in Quartz, crypto exchange Coinone isn’t the only one, Korean major exchanges like Bithumb and Upbit have also announced its plans to set up shop in Thailand and Singapore.

In regards to his future plans for Coinone, the company wants to show the value of blockchain technology, and it would keep progressing over the next 10 years. As per Coindoo, Coinone is the main objective is for South Korean citizens and the platform accepts fiat currency deposits via bank transfer, just as long as the bank accounts are Korean as well.

The crypto exchange Coinone has a very friendly user interface, a lot of security features, and supports cryptocurrencies to keep advanced traders. It is specially designed for the South Korean market.

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