South Korean Lawmaker Discusses ICO Ban And Review Plans For Blockchain Island

Lawmakers in South Korea are doing ICO review and discussing on ‘Blockchain Island’. The outcome of this meet is keenly awaited and it would be interesting to see what they come up with.

Lawmakers are discussing the possibility of lifting the bank on ICO in a bid to clean up the system. The main reason for the ban has been the constant frauds which are hitting the ICO world. If Korea releases ban ICO, then it would be a big boon to the market which was seen with a lot of potentials.

In the meeting held in Seoul, many government ministers, as well as Information and communication technology representatives, were present. The meeting would not only decide on the future of ICO in the country but also about the blockchain prospects. If the company approves the ICO to reappear in the country, then it would be a big positive move not only for investors but also for businesses. It will lend a new ray of hope for those who are looking to get investment for their projects.

It would be good to see the response which ICO review meeting and blockchain island will get. The meeting is also a reiteration on the fact that blockchain technology will be big in the future. It will present different business to integrate this technology for the betterment of their products.

Will ICO enter In South Korea?

Companies will be hopeful of positive ICO review and go ahead for blockchain island. It will a new ray of hope for investors and to ensure that they get a positive sign for development. Many believe that the ICO industry can provide a lot of investment for companies. It will give them a chance to be gaining the trust of the investors and business professionals. According to a report published in Cointelegraph, Blockchain technology is likely to get a positive nod from the committee. This could be a pleasant sign for the future.

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