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South Korean Education System Begins Integrating Blockchain Technology

The education system has started foreseeing the benefits of emerging blockchain technology and therefore many countries have started to look out on the areas wherein this can be integrated to enhance the operations. Many countries like Singapore and Estonia have already started implanting blockchain in various agencies, following their footsteps South Korea has also begun to look out the areas wherein the future technology can be utilized.

The South Korean government made an announcement last month about creating the first batch of blockchain developers and specialists. It can be concluded from this statement that the government has a clear motive to educate and upskill the youth in the field of blockchain or perhaps, they will be left far behind in the international market.

This is nothing but a roll out for the developmental strategy for blockchain in the education system of South Korea which is supported by an investment of approximately 100 billion Korean Won ($90 million). The blockchain specialist’s course is introduced in which about 40 students were selected through applications and interviews to find out the best candidates. In fact, it is revealed that the selection process was rigorous as the selected batch will have to put a lot of time and energy for the completion of this six months course which will consist of assessment, activities, and tutelage as mentioned by Crypto Slate.

This batch of blockchain experts will get a chance to grab the best opportunities available in the government and other cryptocurrency firms as the South Korean government has displayed a keen interest in this emerging industry.

South Korean Preschools Integrate Blockchain

In another update, it is unveiled that South Korean preschools have already begun exploring ideas for integrating blockchain in their systems as there are several reports of irregularities occurring in there. The experts have made suggestions to tackle these issues with the help of distributed ledger at private kindergartens. (Via Korea Biz wire)

The education system in South Korea is about to witness a great transformation in the upcoming years.

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