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South Korea All Set To Become Blockchain Haven

Cryptocurrency resources like bitcoin and Ethereum can change into secure haven assets in the future. Cryptocurrencies have the perspective to develop into safe-haven assets if pioneering technologies and solutions can be engaged to curtail risk in investment. At present, the Cryptocurrency market is exceptionally volatile and as a way of payment, digital currencies still stay undeveloped.

But, as the acceptance of cryptocurrencies from vendors, businesses, individual users, and retailers grow, the market will grow to be unwavering, permitting cryptocurrencies to reach a positive level of stability that is essential for businesses to adopt them as lawful payment methods.

As a saving, cryptocurrencies continue a high peril and elevated return asset class, and traders could secure a 30 percent gain in a 24-hour period or experience a 50 percent loss. For merchants and individuals who are intensely dedicated to the industry, such a level of volatility is manageable but for casual traders and institutional investors, it is difficult dealing with highly volatile assets.

Ever since the development of Ethereum, several establishments and small firms have tried to utilize AI and decentralized authority to put in the market and reduce risk in Cryptocurrency  investment. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization, the foremost ICO on the Ethereum platform, was the foremost project that attempted to cash in the idea, but eventually failed.

More projects followed the DAO and tried to develop systems and methods that could reduce the risk for Cryptocurrency investors through AI-based market analysis, but struggled to appeal to the public. Ethereum-based Numeral is one of the several projects that forted to carry out a comparable model by creating a decentralized hedge fund with data scientists but has resisted seeing large-scale success, reported Coin Telegraph.

The Blockchain sector is yet to see a sensible realization of AI in Cryptocurrency wealth management and investment. Although, achievement in doing so could lead to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and could request to public investors.

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