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Some Crypto Exchanges Only Expect To Be Paid For Listing: Nele Maria Palipea

In case of highest trade-volume crypto exchanges, even the mere hint of a new coin listing sends investors, crypto enthusiasts and experts wild. This results often in a certain level of pump and close speculation with regards to the coin value.

That is primarily because the largest crypto exchanges like to select the tokens beforehand, which they plan to list in the future. For the most part, this decision would be based on the performance of the said token historically on other platforms. The decision of listing a new coin is a combination of qualitative and quantitative project investigation.

However, unfortunately, when it comes to the methods adopted by crypto exchanges while listing a new coin, a perfect solution is yet to be seen that can be crowned as the clear champion. In fact, most of the decision making is done behind the scenes sans any transparency.

One of the recent untarnished instances of ‘trans-fee mining’ has been implemented by BitMart Exchange, an Ethereum-based platform. The exchange ranked within the top 40 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap.

AISI is all set to become one of the first sponsors of the BMX Market. BMX like BNB is the token name that serves as the basis for a foundational economic structure upon which BitMart has launched a project recently. This project incorporates BitMart’s own approach to the F-coin inspired concept under the name “MissionX”, as stated in the CCN report.

Nele Maria Palipea, advisor for CloakCoin and founder of 8-bit.io in response to a fellow user’s question, wrote on Quora that some crypto exchanges only expect to be paid for the coin listing. Liquidity is considered to be a sign that a cryptocurrency has been established. But being able to pay for a coin listing is a very basic measurement and it can often be misleading too.

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