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Software Company Salesforce Connects Low-code Blockchain Platform With Its CRM Suite

Salesforce is a software company who connects a low-code blockchain platform called the Salesforce Blockchain platform with its customer relationship management (CRM) suite. Establishing new services and operations is a purpose behind this connection. Harnessing, sharing, and securing data with ever-increasing networks of partners are problems. Tackling the problems is an aim of Salesforce. The platform was launched by cloud-based software developers.

Blockchain networks, workflows, and apps can be created easily and fastly through the platform. Blockchain data can be layered above existing sales, marketing, etc. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms can be operated for the integration of this data into sales forecasts. Data can be authenticated using distributed ledger technology (DLT). Creation and exchange of documents can be streamlined. Transactions can also be streamlined.

This technology is utilized by organizations from a wide range of industries. It is utilized for conventional business processes. Asset tracking and credentialing are some of the conventional business processes.

The Senior Vice President (VP) for emerging technologies of the software company Salesforce Adam Caplan said, “Blockchain allows us to upend antiquated processes like these and rebuild them entirely with customers at the centre,” IT PRO reported.

It is stated, “Data can securely flow beyond an organization’s four walls and be extended to partners. Every party in the blockchain network can verify and see each transaction in an open, transparent way.”

The software company Salesforce is recognized as the Customer Success Platform. It was set up in the year 1999. San Francisco, California, the United States is the headquarter of the company. Helping companies in connecting with customers, partners, and employees in different ways is a purpose of the company. Flagship sales and CRM applications are their social and mobile cloud technologies. Enterprise Cloud Computing and CRM are actually the specialties of the company, according to the official LinkedIn account of Salesforce.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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