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Software Company Salesforce Connects Low-code Blockchain Platform With Its CRM Suite

Salesforce is a software company who connects a platform called low-code blockchain platform with its customer relationship management (CRM) suite. Establishing new services and operations is a purpose behind this connection.

The platform is launched by the cloud-powered software developer. It is built upon an open source technology. Companies will be facilitated for the creation of blockchain networks, workflows, and apps through the platform.

Arizona State University is included in a real-life application of the platform. A low code system is used for designing and creating an education network. Universities are allowed for verifying, sharing, and securing information through the network.

The senior vice president (VP) for emerging technologies of the software company Salesforce Adam Caplan said, “Blockchain allows us to upend antiquated processes like these and rebuild them entirely with customers at the centre.”

The main problem is related to a greater need for harnessing, sharing, and securing huge data with ever-increasing networks of partners and third parties. Tackling this problem is an aim of Salesforce.

S&P Global Ratings is a research and analysis firm who is accessing the service. The service is accessed for reducing review time and approval time related to new business bank accounts.

Blockchain data can be layered above existing sales, marketing, and service workflows. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms can be run. This data can be integrated into sales forecasts and other predictions. Data can be authenticated and shared across a wide range of third parties using distributed ledger technology. Creation and exchange of transactions and documents can be streamlined, IT PRO reported.

The software company Salesforce is recognized as the Customer Success Platform. Flagship sales and CRM applications are their social and mobile cloud technologies. Companies are helped in connecting with customers, partners, and employees in new ways, according to the official LinkedIn account of Salesforce.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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