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Smartphone Market Share Moves From Conventional Technologies To Blockchain

Smartphone market share has witnessed a transition in the recent months with the announcement of blockchain powered handsets. This is entirely the generation of pure technology which will run on this form of the ledger with a capability of crypto coins transactions. The smartphone industry is about to make this revolutionary shift with the help of Switzerland-based firm Sirin Labs which is launching the first blockchain-enabled smartphone phone dubbed as Finney in the market.

Market leading companies and entrepreneurs are alert about this new emerging trend that is capturing the interest of tech-savvy users. This new growing trend presents an enormous opportunity for digital platforms which offer apps and services to the current smartphone devices. App Store and Play Store is the home of such services which is nothing less than an ecosystem of a digital zone.

Sirin’s Finney is the new player in the smartphone market share which is likely to seize a big chunk in the upcoming days. This device is capable of providing secure access to the cryptocurrency exchanges because it will come with a built-in cold-storage crypto through which the user can store virtual currency in their wallets. In addition to this, Finney can also facilitate exchange encrypted communications with other users on a given network. Sirin is also providing its own token called as SRN that will make possible faster payments between different blockchain network peers sans the need for crypto mining, as mentioned by Computer World.

Blockchain Smartphone And Its Future Prospects In Global Market

The smartphone industry isn’t too old, and it is one of the domains that have outgrown at a volatile speed in recent years. Things that have been nearly impossible few years back have taken a very practical and user-friendly place in day-to-day life.

According to Entrepreneur, the next generation of decentralized apps is no less than a big ocean of opportunities in the smartphone market share as it has not been exploited completely, rather it has just begun.

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