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Smart Dubai’s Director General Reveals Vision Behind Blockchain City Concept

Dubai came out with its blockchain-powered city-wide strategy in October 2016 with the intention to become the first city powered by blockchain by 2020. Dubai governance realized the potential impact that this technology can make. The concept of Smart Dubai was driven by the wide blockchain adoption trend leading to a $1.1 billion investment in this technology in the private sector.

The Director-General of Smart Dubai Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr recently shared her vision that they are running to fulfill the dream of creating Smart Dubai and the strategy they are following. Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the leading smart cities of the world and is one of the few cities ahead in the adoption of new technology as well as pioneering certain innovative pilot projects.

According to Dr. Aisha, the rapid development of Dubai in multiple economic sectors indicated that it will have to replace the traditional processes to ensure better efficiency and speed. The government effectiveness became highly essential in Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Consumer (G2C) services.

The platform for the blockchain city concept was laid down by the growth of business in the tourism and construction sector which required the government to control the important activities such as permissions, tracking, and transaction verification. With regular, simple processes getting more complicated than ever the additional activities now demanded better technology and facilities.

According to Dr. Aisha, at this stage, Dubai required an agile solution so that the overall working processes of the government are streamlined, reported Express Computer. Dubai required a technology like a blockchain that worked on distributed databases of transactions with its coding method exceptionally perfect for secure record keeping of online distributed ledgers.


The Director-General of Smart City aka blockchain city revealed that they have created a roadmap organized around the blockchain-based strategy. The research VP at Gartner Inc, Bettina Tratz-Ryan stated that conversational intelligence in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI), data exchanges, and data analytics will contribute towards creating customized powerful engagements such as autonomous drones and assets, reported Khaleej Times. She believes that in the coming two years, the strategies related to a smart city will fulfill the requirements of multiple areas through data exchange.

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