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Small Shops to Start Trading in Cryptocurrency: ASU Professor

Dragan Boscovich, the Director of Arizona State University, believes that blockchain technology is more evolutionary than revolutionary.

The Intercontinental Exchange, TIE, is in the process of developing an online trading platform that will allow large investors be able to participate in bitcoin business by means of buying and holding bitcoin. TIE is also the owner of New York Stock Exchange, NYSE.

As per news report, it is an encouraging issue for cryptocurrency trading sector to note that bitcoin is slowing getting a route into the mainstream of currency. It is also a good indication that commodity exchanges now offering bitcoin a favourable signal which is a shift from the mistrusts of financial sectors to an entrust attitude.

Boscovich, who is a computer science research professor of ASU, has provided some indication of the legitimacy of cryptocurrency trading. In reply question about the motivation of NYSE shifting towards the favourable direction from the attitude of long time doubt or a disposition, Boscovich replied positively. He stated that cryptocurrency now is enough time-tested. He also commented that this-this has gained some traction and has produced some additional platforms and networks and demands consideration.

Boscovich also answered that traders are now interested in cryptocurrency from an investment angle. It is considered as an asset and as an in-trading commodity similar to buying precious metals like gold or silver etc. Briefly, NYSE now looks at cryptocurrency as an investment option in the same way it treats gold as a commodity.

It was also indicated that this the proper time of investment on cryptocurrency trading and consumers now can have a second choice. They can invest in an intangible asset as bitcoin accompany proof of ownership. Cryptocurrency can help the government in boosting up the economy. Cryptocurrency trading will work in a similar way like another commodity. A stock exchange will be able to buy digital currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash.

This was confirmed that bitcoin’s open the door to other cryptocurrencies. It is going to be a very positive development in the sense that it injects confidence into the marketplace. Institutional investor’s recognition will also encourage consumers and small traders in cryptocurrency.

He also added that Financial institutions were never against cryptocurrencies in the past. It can be looked like inertia lag and may be considered as time taking for understanding the process. Boscovich concluded that he hopes cryptocurrency trading will be an asset that will act as a fuel to a new economy growth. It can be traded like gold, silver, and platinum. It will be just another trading asset.

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