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Sirin Labs Unveils Messi-Backed Blockchain Smartphone’s Final Design

A blend of excitement and euphoria surged at the Sirin Labs as it unveiled the final design for its Lionel Messi-endorsed blockchain smartphone FINNEY™ to the world. The whole team of Sirin Labs proudly displayed the stylish, unique and sleek design of the phone as it shared the details about the phone with everyone.

Importantly, the team was highly involved in the making of this phone and kept a close eye to ensure that a strong balance between function and fashion is maintained throughout without compromising on the aesthetics. The signature shield element is the main design feature of this phone which has been inspired by the company’s first phone, the $16,000 SOLARIN™ which was launched in 2016.

The smartphone includes a fingerprint scanner located strategically so that the user can access it easily, irrespective of whether he wants to get into the phone or simply access his wallet. A slight lip surrounds the Shield Element of the phone providing a tactile landmark making it easier to find it just with a touch.

It also means that the user does not need to flip the blockchain smartphone constantly for finding the scanner. All he will have to do is to is to hold the smartphone, and quickly find the scanner using his index finger and thus unlock the device, Medium reported.

Another important feature of this FINNEY design is the slider that provides a secure display to the users. It operates in separate firmware for preventing it from getting corrupted due to malware or at the hands of hackers. Importantly, the slider in any way does not compromise on the other features of the phone.

According to The Independent, the blockchain smartphone has been named after Hal Finney, the cryptocurrency pioneer and comes with a decent price tag of $1,000. The price is almost equal to other high-end phones from big brands like Samsung and Apple.

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