Shanghai Stock Exchange To Use So-Called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) In Securities

Shanghai Stock Exchange is considered to be the globe’s major securities trading areas of market assets, intents to utilize distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the securities marketplace. The SSE issued a research paper on Tuesday, which evaluated the usage of DLT in different phases of a security transaction, for example, the pre-trading customer listing, securities distribution and trading, and post-trading settlement. The exchange announced plans to utilize so-called distributed ledger expertise (DLT) in securities transactions July 10.

It has gone on to abridge some key benefits of adopting DLT in China’s financial infrastructure, for example increasing the settlement competence by replacing the present T+1 model, under which a transaction can only be established one business day after an order which is accomplished. As the globe’s fourth-biggest exchange with a market cap of $5.12 trillion as of December 2017, the SSE is a non-profit firm unswervingly governed by the China Securities Regulatory Committee.

With allusions of existing works paying attention on the topic carried out by its allies in other financial markets such as Hong Kong and Australia, that said, the research paper recommended a possible operation of DLT at the Chinese stock exchange which could be still facade a sequence of regulatory obstacles, as it is in disagreement with the existing centralized registration and settlement arrangement.

The Way Ahead

For instance, the SSE at present utilizes an arbitrator liaison as curator and for settling post-trading transactions, yet the usage of DLT could basically eliminate that system. To do that, the market requires a novel legal structure issued by regulators and central government agencies, reported Coin Telegraph. Regulation should familiarize to the developing technology. Experts suggest that regulators should treat the topic of DLT as a vital study region moving forward in order to build up a solid regulatory framework for gripping the financial modernism.

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