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SEC Exempts Crypto Exchange Optherium’s Services Under Regulation D

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has exempted crypto exchange Optherium and its services under regulation D. So irrespective of whether any Bitcoin ETFs receive approval from the SEC, crypto users now have an exchange that is here to deliver all the desired financial services.

The Optherium exchange holds various foreign exchange licenses. In reality, a Bitcoin ETF is not even required in the crypto world. Usability and security are the two aspects that are actually required to drive any kind of investment and Optherium is already offering the same to its users. The Optherium ecosystem offers a safer and more flexible environment than an ETF for storing and holding not just Bitcoin, but over 150 cryptocurrencies.

Using crypto exchange Optherium’s MultiSecure Technology, users can only access sensitive data through multi-factor authorization. The users of this ecosystem can upload a biometric template including fingerprint, retina and voice, but most significantly, dynamic facial movement.

The Optherium ecosystem is a one-stop solution for users to buy, store, transfer or sell both cryptocurrencies and fiat. Users do not need to set up wallets for exchanges, which are otherwise vulnerable to hacking owing to their centralized data storage and use of hot wallets.

To put it simply, through speed, flexibility and security, the Optherium ecosystem allows users to invest large to small sums of money in not just Bitcoin but more than 150 currencies. Optherium offers its users the advantage of OPEX™ tokens to act as a facilitator token with the exchange’s ecosystem. The OPEX™ tokens serve as an internal liquidity reserve token for the formation of digital currency pairs with up to 150 cryptocurrencies. This facilitates rapid internal conversion between currencies in response to user requests, as stated on the official website.

The assets that are held by users in crypto exchange Optherium will be more liquid than an ETF. They would also have additional benefits such as smaller commission and no fees to brokers. With the help of its Key Recovery Service and security, users will be able to access the exchange’s services wherever they are without the fear of being defrauded, as reported on NewsBTC.

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