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Sacramento Kings News: NBA Team to Start Cryptocurrency Mining

The Sacramento Kings has recently declared a new charitable program – MiningForGood – made achievable by the sophisticated data center and tech infrastructure at Golden 1 Center, world’s most technically advanced and sustainable arena. Through an affiliation with global cryptocurrency leader,, the team will set up cryptocurrency mining machines in the only Tier 4 data center in a specialized sports arena. The Kings are the first team in the world to mine digital currency.

The Sacramento Kings have a past of researching with cutting-edge tech, and now they’re utilizing it to enhance their community according to a sports magazine. The basketball team strategies to mine Ethereum in an arena-based data center as part of a new MiningForGood plan. The currency they’ll generate will assist their foundations, starting with the Build Black Coalition serving local black residents with technology education and personnel growth. It’s reportedly the first team anyplace to mine digital money.

They are using crypto machines that will resolve intricate math to verify coin transactions, sending “a split” of those transactions to MiningForGood. They’re not merely offering over all the cryptocurrency they earn, then, other than they could still be donating major sums when one Etherium coin is worth about $436 as of this writing.

Sacramento Kings’ NBA Performance

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the news when the Kings didn’t fare well during the last NBA season. It draws concentration to an outfit that you might easily fail to notice instead of, say, another California team. at rest, it’s rigid to object to a team taking the assistance of technology to donate to a superior cause on a recurring basis.

From becoming the first proficient sports team to admit Bitcoin to using virtual reality to bring students in India courtside to a game; the Sacramento Kings have forever found traditions to use technology to bring about social change.

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