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Ruby-x Announces Its Beta Service Launch

Ruby-x crypto exchange announces to launch its beta service, finally, on August 10. There has been a growing concern in the cryptocurrency market over the safety of crypto exchanges mushrooming all around the world. This concern has grown especially post the CoinRail and Bithumb hacks this year.

Ruby-x is an entirely new level of crypto exchange. It is one of the safest trading platforms developed by international specialists and professionals. It is also known for its first and last sale of high valued and limited Ruby tokens.

Ruby-x exchange’s core team members comprise many security and IT professionals from globally renowned companies such as Hitachi, LG, Samsung, and Hyundai. It has also a lot of financial specialists from BCcard and Paysafe. The team provides cold wallets with which users can self-adjust the usage rate from 70 percent to 100 percent.

The exchange’s cold wallet system will eventually help in preventing any hacking attacks thereby making the exchange platform more stable. Apart from this, users using cold wallets with 100 percent usage rate will be able to avail the “Ruby Vault” service. Users can receive a certain amount of fees for using this service.

The exchange will begin the sale of Ruby token (RBY) along with its beta service starting August 10. This token sale will be the first and the last public sale of the exchange. Participants can purchase the tokens at half the rate during this public sale only.

Ruby-x Overview

As mentioned in the Coinspeaker report, Ruby-x is an entirely new concept of crypto exchange. It provides an integrated trading service based on blockchain technology. The exchange will issue its own token, RBY which will be utilized as the main currency on the platform. The objective of the exchange is to construct an ecosystem with secured services, transparent management, and an expansible platform.

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