Roger Ver To Launch Its Own Crypto Trading Platform

In an interview in Malta, Roger Ver revealed that Digital-coin wallet provider plans to purchase or develop its own crypto trading platform. He’s seeing a partner to bring a new platform or might build one internally.

Ver is forestalling to tap the traffic already running through his website for services ranging from news to wallet operations. He may also be attempting a way to increase adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

According to him, the exchange will be posted on so that there will be thousands of new users every single day.  However, currently, the website’s Alexa ranking has moved from 1,00 at its peak in February 2018 to 7,500. Ver, an initial sponsor and investor in Bitcoin, is planning to tap the traffic already running from his website for services ranging from news to wallet operations. He might also be looking for a method to increase adoption of Bitcoin Cash, As per Bloomberg, it might be facing a riven of its own later this year.

Ver claimed that crypto trading platforms are used by traders operating in international markets. The leading cryptocurrency is “no longer practical as money.” With that, he mentioned that digital currencies are the only device that can lead the world to economic freedom, stating that he will “never give up” until cryptocurrencies accomplish this goal.

According to Ver the upcoming crypto trading platform will attract a lot of audiences. In May 2018, was quietly removed by major crypto markets tracking website CoinMarketCap, following allegations that was deceptive customers into buying Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin.

After the decrease of BCH acceptance in worldwide payments, as well as some negative forecasts on the BCH price, the Bitcoin Cash team conducted the so-called BCH stress test. Cointelegraph noted that as per the test results, millions of transactions on the network did not cause a surge in fees. The test proposed to demonstrate the volume and scalability of the Bitcoin Cash mainnet.

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