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Riyadh Municipality Selects IBM For Blockchain Integration

Riyadh Municipality has chosen IBM as its premeditated partner for the integration of blockchain technology. IBM will work very much with Elm firm, the municipality’s technology associate in order to expand a realization strategy to ease government solutions and transactions on the blockchain.

The deployment of blockchain is designed to provide customers with digital information and to aid the transformational goals of the Saudi Vision 2030. Eng. Tariq bin Abdul Aziz Al-Fares, escritoire of Al Riyadh Region, articulated hopefulness about the new enterprise between Al Riyadh Municipality and Elm Company, which has extensive experience in the digital field by functioning with IBM, in the incorporation of the blockchain technology at the civic sector level.

This will add hugely to enhance these services for the advantage of citizens and residents in Al Riyadh. He pointed out that this move comes in agreement with the directives of the Saudi Government to work towards increasing the excellence of municipal services for customers and to slot in newest technological improvements in services, in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

The Collaboration

Riyadh Municipality, IBM, and Elm will be in cooperation in order to collaborate with the key government divisions, confidential and semi-government sectors in Al Riyadh, so that, recognization of services which can be distorted and enhanced through blockchain. IBM intends to increase the blockchain-based solution at the city level, while Elm will integrate the technology into government’s services as the subsequent phase.

Elm is incessantly applying its know-how innovative abilities, national talents and global partnerships towards the systematic digital development that make surest enhanced efficiency, in line with the Kingdom’s National Transformation Program 2020, reported by Coin Telegraph.

The knowledge of Elm will contribute for enriching the customer experience in order to construct the most excellent solutions for both public and private divisions and to contribute to the conversion towards an e-Government model, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

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