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Rise Of Game Industry: Debut Of Blockchain Based Novel Games

The rise of the game industry is unraveled with the new applications and concepts of blockchain technology. The game zone has been changing rapidly with the use of this emerging technology. There has been much more associated with blockchain and not just cryptocurrency and finance solutions. In fact, blockchain has made a deep impact on the gaming sector and is likely to grow from about $94.4 billion to $128 billion by the year 2020.

There are massive opportunities knocking on the door of blockchain gaming which brings in new games powered exclusively by this technology. The latest one in this list is PlayStation 4 console purely operated on the future technology. Video game developer studio Arcade Distillery s going to launch its new game Plague Hunters which will be utilizing blockchain. The game is said to have successfully passed all the terms and conditions of PlayStation and Sony’s review process.

In the words of Arcade Distillery’s chief creative officers Liam Glennon, Plague Hunters will be a sequel of Plague Road which has been one of the most popular games of PS4. This game has seemed the rise of game industry in terms of creating strong and loyal fan base across the globe. This game is free for all and the player will be creating their characters that have customized abilities. The players will them move to barren wasteland gaining diverse skills, assets, and abilities as mentioned by ETH News.

Future Of Blockchain Powered Gaming

According to Billionaire 365, a blockchain based game is the one that allows the player to deal with cryptos or digital currency. However, the cryptos are still volatile in the market but the players have been very enthusiastic flexibility that stems from the overall system.

Another benefit of a blockchain enabled game is that it remains unaffected to hacking because of its high security and immutable data record feature. The rise of the game industry has already begun, however, it will take time for the all the major gaming companies to get on board for replacing the existing system with blockchain completely.

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