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Ripple’s XRP Gets Paired With 22 Global Fiat Currencies

Ripple and its followers are reactionaries and are recently been supporting the growth of the XRP Token, particularly number of pairing it has with traditional fiat currencies.

The company’s followers are, at present, excited with an enormous listing of approximate dozens of new pairings with approval from around the world. The expansion is meant to help the network grow like it never has. With the development of new pairings comes the creation of new exchanges to apply the exchange. Among these two exchanges that make pairing with the XRP obtainable for the Ukranian Hryvinia or UAH: BitFlip and Kuna

The following list includes the last six countries fiat currencies available for trade on an exchange like Singapore Dollar, SGD: Quoine exchange, Philippine Piso, PHP: Coins.ph, United Arab Emirates Dirham, AED: bitoasis.net, Chilean Pesos, CLP: orionx.io and Polish Zloty, PLN: BitPay Exchange.

There are many exchanges that want the new pairs in preparation for placing XRP on their list of pairing options.

XRP is now firmly rooted as one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies. The natural asset of the XRP is  a Ledger, an open-source blockchain platform, XRP targets to provide a quick, reasonable and consistent cross-border costs.

Both XRP and the XRP Ledger are used by US technology company Ripple, which is developing a range of solutions designed to transform the global payment industry.

According to the report published in Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the complete list of pairs is well distributed across the global currencies. Ripple price is trading in a range above the $0.4300 support area against the US dollar. There is a short-term constricting triangle shaped with having around $0.4560 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair

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