Ripple XRP Gets Votes From Cryptocurrency Community As Best Altcoin Under $1 To Purchase

A vast majority of Twitterati recently voted for Ripple (XRP) as the best cryptocurrency to buy under $1. A recent poll performed by Weiss Ratings reveals that there is an interest in Ripple’s XRP and 73 percent of the participants over Twitter have shown their inclination towards XRP.

A good number of 5,726 Twitterati (around 50 percent of the users are Weiss Ratings’ followers) participated in the poll. They were asked to choose the best coin to buy under $1 and the options were given Stellar Lumens (XLR), Cardano (ADA), (Ripple) XRP and IOTA (MIOTA).

The great effort of Ripple as a serious digital currency organization with a broad business scheme is proved by these results. That’s the reasons individuals and corporations have started considering it significant in comparison to other virtual currencies. The popularity of Ripple is highly increasing as over 10,000 people have already signed a petition to make it the official cryptocurrency of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Even Ripple’s co-founder Chris Larsen has recently been ranked as the top 400 wealthiest people by Forbes.

Of all the four options, 64 percent of the participants shared their likings for XRP, which signifies it as the best cryptocurrency to purchase under $1. Cardano got the second rank with a vote of 25 percent. The third and fourth positions were taken by Stellar and IOTA with 8 percent and 3 percent votes respectively.

Ripple was often criticized in the past for not making its currency decentralized. The process is now going on to have a decentralization strategy, which will make the XRP ledgers more decentralized in future, the Ccpress reported. On the other hand, it is not just due to variation between Bitcoin and Ripple that the latter has been voted maximum, its XRP is the only digital currency in the list of Top 5 (CoinMarketCap ranks it 3rd) that has a positive performance.

According to Ethereum World News, the current price of XRP cryptocurrency is $0.44, which is almost twice the value it had 30 days back ($0.27). Alongside several reasons, one of the main causes of a positive impact on the value of Ripple is the launch of xRapid.

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