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Ripple Cryptocurrency In an Upbeat Mood Now

In a recent development, the Ripple Cryptocurrency announced their partnerships with Bittrex, Bitso, and It is evident that the company is in an upbeat mood now as opposed to their low point at the beginning of 2018.

There was a time when many thoughts arose that Ripple would crash as its investors were found selling the coin off at a fast rate. However, thanks to some substantial partnerships and ingenuity, the currency has managed to do a turnaround. In fact, Ripple (XRP) is still acknowledged as one of the finest alternate currencies to invest in the cryptocurrency space.

It is quite obvious that the company will not go down without giving a tough fight. Hence, they were up at an amazing 42 percent high as opposed to their dismissal performance on August 14.

One important reason to see this sudden surge is that of the unexpected jump of Bitcoin. It has been often seen in the past that Ripple benefits from Bitcoin’s success. So whenever BTC goes up, so does XRP.

A second key reason for the jump in the price of the Ripple cryptocurrency is its high operational speed. Thanks to its sophisticated software, the currency can be transferred more rapidly as compared to regular SWIFT transactions.

Thus, even the values of banks are likely of adopting the digital currency in 2019. Since there is a high demand for its software xRapid, there are more requirements for XRP, leading to the possible price surge of the digital currency.

Ripple Boasts A Strong Supportive Community

The strong community of XRP is another major reason why the company is equipped to give a tough fight, Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported. It is highly supportive of XRP and refuses to leave its side no matter how tough things are.

Some people also suspect that Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz is none other than the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus, it is not difficult to believe that the ripple cryptocurrency can revive itself and sail through its toughest times.

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