Ripple Co-founder Larsen Invest In New Cryptocurrency Through David Chaum

Digital currency pioneer David Chaum is launching a new cryptocurrency project called Elixxir. Elixxir, is a famous cryptographer and was launched during Consensus Singapore, with ripple’s cryptocurrency. Chris Larsen even announced a successful strategic investment round from lead players of the blockchain world. The aim of this new firm is to fulfill the dream of decentralization first announced by Satoshi back in 2008 by allowing the citizens of the world to message and manage firmly without having to worry with speed and other similar problems.

Elixxir is the project has received a planned investment from Chris Larsen, the co-founder of blockchain startup Ripple and, by an asset of his Ripple equity and outstanding XRP holdings, one of the richest persons in cryptocurrency. As per Chaum, the industrial innovations in Elixxir are game changers for blockchain adoption. These innovations could actually meet the needs to go to customer scale.

Since the project will be supported by Ripple cryptocurrency co-founder, Elixxir gears an reverse of the old-style blockchain model, wherein dealings are combined into blocks and then processed by validating nodes. Chaum further stated that blocks will in its place be produced prior to operation batching, letting the network to process payments rapidly, even at scale. According to the firm, they value the experience that Chaum has in the area and this ability for innovation, which will be used to make a brighter future for the industry, as stated in CCN.

Elixxir has been launched for only 10 days, however, the company already has more than 1,500 interested parties that wish to be a part of the corporation’s nodes and 500 developers have confirmed that they are curious in developing applications for their new companies.

Chaum’s work on digital currency, dating back to the early 1980s, remains applicable and appropriate. As per Bitcoin Magazine, though Bitcoin itself does not hire blind signatures, topping and confidentiality layers on top of the Bitcoin procedure. Of course, Chaum and his team have much faith in their expertise as well.

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