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RIL, Yes Bank and Wipro are the Three Most Followed Stocks of 2018 on BQ WhatsApp Service

MUMBAI, October 31, 2018/PRNewswire/ — Bloomberg|Quint WhatsApp service has over 3.5 lakh subscribers in just 8 months BQ WhatsApp Service, a business news service offering customised news and stock updates, reports that about 9% of their user base has subscribed to stock notifications of Reliance Industries Limited.

Yes Bank Limited was the second most followed stock, with 7.6% of the user base signing up for the notifications. Wipro Limited was ranked third with 6.5% tracking the company, followed closely by Tata Consultancy Services, with 6.4%. Tata Motors Limited rounded out the top five, with 5.9% of BQ’s total WhatsApp subscribers opting for stock alerts.

Inputs collected by BQ WhatsApp, using the stock-bot feature, helps users seek the latest stock market metrics within a few seconds. This provides them with access to the latest stock updates tailored to their requirements. The latest innovation in this space is the personalised ‘Stock Watchlist’ on BQ WhatsApp, wherein a user can add up to 10 stocks and set up to 3 daily alerts of their choice, at a given time. According to internal research conducted by BQ, over 56% of users consume news on Bloomberg|Quint via BQ WhatsApp. 49% users find the BQ WhatsApp News Service more useful as compared to other platforms that are used to disseminate news.

The top 10 most tracked stocks in 2018 according to BQ WhatsApp service are as follows: Stock Number Company Name Percentage of Users

500325 Reliance Industries Limited 8.5%

532648 Yes Bank Limited 7.6%

507685 Wipro Limited 6.5%

532540 Tata Consultancy Services Limited 6.4%

500570 Tata Motors Limited Fully Paid Ord. Shrs 5.9%

500209 Infosys Ltd 5.7%

500112 State Bank of India 4.5%

500180 HDFC Bank Limited 4.0%

500875 ITC Ltd 3.9%

532500 Maruti Suzuki India Ltd 3.3% 22% of BQ WhatsApp users have subscribed to the upper limit of 10 stocks *Disclaimer: All the information stated above is based on the analysis derived by the user base and their requests on the BQ WhatsApp Service and are subject to the period of 2017-18. About BQ WhatsApp Service: BQ WhatsApp Service provides high-quality business and financial news and insights to India’s decision-makers, executives and entrepreneurs. Its content spans focussed and in-depth business and markets news, global economics, key policy updates, which impact business, technology and more.

Source: BQ WhatsApp Service PWR

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