Redditor Discloses His ‘Astroturfing’ Tactics Of Promoting Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Projects

Reddit is undoubtedly a well-known podium for the cryptocurrency ecosystem due to the organic viral posts and taking pride to allow people to express their opinions and create online communities for themselves. Taking advantage of this open platform, a user named Aaron has approached the other Redditors to be a part of a spam marketing campaign.

Aaron is observed pitching the other moderators and users in the platform by using his astroturfing tactics for promoting and distributing articles and blog posts on the blockchain and cryptocurrency-linked projects. He was inflating the popularity of his posts utilizing farms of bots that continue posting and upvoting through a long-chain of proxies. This ostensible activity generally looks like the posts are genuinely being distributed all over the planet.

It seems like Aaron’s apparent spam campaign is having more members and associates across different parts of cryptocurrency Reddit. Meanwhile, a Reddit moderator was contacted by Aaron to assist him in the spam marketing campaign. He also provided that moderator a detailed spreadsheet listing out of his operations in various sites like Bitcointalk and Medium apart from Reddit.

Vice reported that the spreadsheets are organized in a fine way. Each column has been created for each account’s proxy IP address. This has been done certainly to avoid Reddit’s instantaneous action. The web content rating site may block it if an excessive suspicious activity is found from a single IP address. Hence, the spammers apparently use unique IP for each account. While he was contacted by Vice to give some comments, instead of denying he accepted the running of his operation and asked if he would be paid for his comments.

“Our team deals with mass-marketing promotional campaigns and were able to increase the exposure of any project significantly. We specialize in large-quantity posts, upvotes, comments, articles, reviews, followers, traffic, click-throughs, back-linking, SEO, and more. The team is flexible and can complete a variety of marketing tasks,” Aaron’s post on Bitcoin Forum reads.

The purpose of this kind of excessive spamming over Reddit and other podiums is to boost SEO for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which means the chances of appearing on Google and other search engines increases constantly.

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