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Quidax To Educate Nigerians Understand About Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Quidax, a European based assets exchange platform, has recently launched its operations in Nigeria. The company, in a statement, mentioned that the trading platform has an easy, protected and all-in-one interface that lets users trade six cryptocurrencies and in the next three months it will expand to more than 20. According to the sources, the company aims to educate the Nigerians to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency. Quidax will soon be the largest exchange operating in Africa as the cryptocurrencies to be traded will include Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin cash.

According to the firms CEO for Africa, Buchi Okoro, the introduction is in line with the corporation’s mission. Besides the most exchange platforms, Quidax takes away the tediousness of running between minimized phone apps, thus it handles and provides users a selection of assets if they wish to purchase and sell. The all-in-one advantage of the policy has seen users moving users to sign-up for trades on their platform.

He further stated that the firm was set up to allow individuals to trade cryptocurrencies effortlessly with local currencies with the aim of offering liquidity and tools to control cross-border payments back and forth developing markets. He advised investors to take the benefit provided by the appearance of blockchain and the significance of knowing it, as stated in Vanguard.

The company’s mission to offer customers a pleasant crypto trading experience. They can open an account for free and start trading. Quidax as a company wishes to give an opportunity for as numerous of the Nigerians who are wanting to become a part of the users using the modest, safe and unified edge that will document users to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

As per Wujup Naija, the firm is strongly getting itself involve heavily in blockchain and cryptocurrency education so that people in Nigeria accept this knowledge which is currently not present in the country.

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