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PundiX Blockchain-Powered OS XPhone Allows Customers To Transact In Physical Stores

PundiX blockchain-powered OS Xphone allows the merchants and consumers conduct their transaction in physical stores. The technology that now powers the mobile device XPhone, is mostly used in the financial sectors especially to provide security and transparency.

However, the blockchain-powered phone announced by the global developer of blockchain-powered devices has created quite a ripple in the telecommunication market. The device operates independently of any centralized carriers allowing the users to route their calls without the need of phone numbers.

Incidentally, the operating system of the Singaporean company and its communication protocol set up for the mobile devices ensures that the users can call, send messages as well as transmit data through a fully decentralized network, which is an integral part of any blockchain platform. With the help of XPOS, the first point-of-sale (PoS) solution created by PundiX consumers as well as merchants can complete transactions in physical stores.

As of now the rollout of XPOS is restricted only to limited countries including Switzerland, the UK, Taiwan, Colombia, South Korea, and Brazil. More than 100,000 XPhone devices are expected to hit the global retail market by the start of 2021,

Zac Cheah and Pitt Huang founded PundiX and its blockchain-powered OS. In an interview recently, Cheah said, “We asked ourselves, how do we leverage the power of blockchain and enhance every aspect of your life? What can we do and what can we make (in order) to bring us closer to our goal? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we develop new technologies, and they are what drove us to the creation of the XPhone,” reported YourStory.

Discussing the conditions that led to the creation of PundiX, Cheah said that they first started looking for an appropriate public blockchain service for their Pundi XPOS. Since they could not find anything suitable in terms of sophistication and speed, both Pitt and Cheah decided to make their own version.

Recently, Binance released a report on PundiX that seamlessly integrates in-store payments in virtual currency. According to The Daily Hodl, the report provides an insight into the working of the hardware and software platform specially designed for merchants across the globe.

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