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Pryvate Ltd To Launch World’s First Hybrid Crypto Exchange, PryvateX

Pryvate Ltd. has recently announced to launch the world’s first hybrid crypto exchange, PryvateX. It is a security communications company that is privacy-centric. The head of project delivery, Craig Ralton stated that this month they will be delivering not only one but five out of six planned ‘world-firsts’ with the launch of the PryvateX exchange and Pryvate Wallet.

Ralton went on to add that the company intends to deliver a fiat currency and cryptocurrency platform that combines the key benefits of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. In doing so, PryvateX will also be releasing its wallet which will be the first of its kind to render Android and iOS security exposures and infiltrations neutral. He also mentioned that users of the PryvateX exchange will retain full custodial rights over assets while enjoying the customer service and traditional performance of a centralized exchange.

Crypto exchange PryvateX is determined to empower its users while continuing to address the primary challenges pertaining to the mainstream adoption of the blockchain economy. The exchange offers many trade-centric, first-time features that are previously unseen in the crypto exchange world. It also includes zero-fee-fiat-to-crypto purchases when traders use any fiat pairing with PryvateCoin (PVC).

PryvateX in the near future will also have the option of selecting a ‘No-API, bot-resistant’ trading environment. This environment is designed to rule out the concerns of traders related to the rampant market manipulation that has become notorious on other crypto exchange platforms, as reported on PRNewswire.

With the initial purpose of providing strictly private communications, Pryvate Ltd’s mission has evolved to provide the world’s most intuitively designed, evolutionary and impenetrably secure application vault and cyber-ecosystem to safeguard the security and privacy of individuals.

Some of the key features of crypto exchange PryvateX include utilization of a ‘light client’ to save battery or data, three modes of wallet – Lightweight, Micropayment and Internal/atomic and an embedded decentralized web browser. Pryvate is the most secure first of its kind in security, having the duality of a cold storage and hot wallet all in one device, with a multi-purpose, secure online dashboard, as stated on its website.

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