Poloniex and Derebit: Technical Difficulties Setback Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading through Poloniex and Derebit cryptocurrency trading has been delayed due to some technical challenges. Derebit had already locked the order books within between 19.31 and 20.01 UTC which had frozen the trading digital assets. Services conducted immediate led to opening of the trading books, buyers and sellers in Derebit trading are relieved from worry. Subsequently, the technicians are investigating the reason of dismantling the regular activities and further if any disruptive conditions may occur in future that can lead to the break up of trading in the crypto market.

Cryptopia was hacked a few days back and this particular cryptocurrency of New Zealand has undergone unexpected damages and losses. The security experts are looking into the crime leading to the suspension of cryptocurrency trading. Derebit exchanges had been on great worry on the halting of their tradings because this kind of maintenance and technical difficulties was not for the first time in the crypto market. After the suspension of the cryptopia in New Zealand, next maintenance issues of Derebit’s technical delay in trading has brought several traders worldwide into worry immediately after the hacking incidence of Cryptopia.

The Crypto Updates reported that the hacking of Cryptopia has turned out to loss of millions of dollars. Both Derebit and Poloniex exchanges were facing the problem together at the same instance.

Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported that the delay in cryptocurrency trading has led the investors in concern and finally mentions about “Hardware Wallets”. Storing of the digital assets in the hardware wallets can keep them safe and secured.

Hardware wallets can also be the secured storing place for the bitcoin cash users who are suffering from the fluctuations and uncertainties of the virtual currencies market.

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