Pokemon Now On Ethereum Blockchain

One particular version of Pokemon games has been built on the Ethereum blockchain. Using Ethereum’s smart contracts, the game stores the Pokemon ownership in the game.

Pokemon Game – How does it work?

In the game, the players have to capture Pokemon during random encounters with Pokeballs. These Pokeballs will be available to buy in the in-game store with Ethereum. The starting price for the basic ball is 0.005 ETH. The ball that is certain to capture Pokemon is priced at approximately 0.15 ETH.

In the marketplace in the game, players are allowed to trade different Pokémon for Ethereum. All the captured Pokemon are unique and different from each other. These Pokémons can be described as a sort of crypto-collectible, which is a non-fungible digital asset characterized by digital scarcity.

What the game is intended to do is to fill the player’s Pokedex by capturing all of the 151 types of Pokémon that is in the game. Whoever captures 150 Pokémon first will get the chance to capture the rare Pokemon Mew, and that is very rewarding since there is only one copy. After that, the players can fight against each other in a “Battle Island”.

The developers further said that they will release rare Pokémon at specific announced events.

we will create specific events to announce the release of those legendary Pokémon. Those Pokémon will be really rare, there will be only 3-5 entities of them available in the game.

Further, the developers made it clear that that they will not reveal the content of the smart contract to the public immediately. They fear that it might have a negative consequence on the game. However, they promised to share it with the public once the game becomes popular.

Pokemon developers plan to work with other blockchain game developers to build their own game apart from the existing game. Some users are already expressing their fear about copyright infringements on social media.

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