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Play2Live Announces Public Beta Testing For Blockchain Gaming Platform

Play2Live streaming platform announced its public beta testing for their blockchain gaming platform. This new platform will allow streamers, viewers and esports tournament organizers to earn from monetization schemes.

“In the opinion of the leading experts, one of the interesting benefits of the project includes the possibility of buying and earning LUC tokens directly [on] the platform’s website,” Play2Live CEO Alexei Burdyko commented in the official public statement.

The coins can be utilized for various alternatives such as donations, voting and for assigning different tasks to streamers. Play2Live started the token buy-back during the closed beta test in August. They themselves redeemed LUC from 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 LUC at the cost of up to $0.05 for 1 LUC from the trades.

Blockchain gaming platform Play2Live has created Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology, keeping in mind the end goal to quicken the speed of content delivery. The team additionally developed a neural system. This system can monitor more than 200 streams at the same time without requiring an immense amount of computer resources.

Blockchain Security Issue

As reported by Cointelegraph, Play2Live CTO Vladislav Arbatov believes that blockchain technology can make streaming platform safer. The company reports that the new blockchain bolsters 10,000 exchanges for every second, in addition to cryptographic keys.

As of now, Play2Live has a huge involvement in global rivalries, as the company organized the “CryptoMasters” games in Minsk from Feb. 24 to Feb. 25, 2018. It was the world’s first expansive scale esports competition in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which the winners got a prize equal to $100,000. Rivalries were broadcast on the MVP-version of the Play2Live platform in seven languages.

According to Cryptovest report, Blockchain gaming Cocos-BCX raised 40M in financing from top blockchain funds and investors. The financing was led by Binance Labs, NEO Global Capital, 500 Startups, and others. The firm also partners with other promising blockchain projects Cell Evolution, Loom, Nebulas, and Ontology.

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