Pink Bollworm Attack: Maharashtra Farmers Stare At Missing 12 Lakh Bales  

Maharashtra cotton farmers are likely to face loss; thanks to the attack of Pink Bollworm attack and lack of rain. Last year, they managed a crop size of 82 lakh bales, but this year, it will be a miracle if they reach 70 lakh bales. The harmful diseases such as Pink Bollworm has the ability to weaken the crop and restrict the plant growth up to 3-4 feet.

According to a survey conducted by Manish Daga, the director of Cotton Association of India (CAI), if farmers wait until third and fourth pickings, they could suffer a complete loss. Moreover, the survey suggested that the pink bollworm attack was witnessed in the last 15 days and it can cause damage to this year’s yield. The association has identified three major diseases that harm cotton crops: Pink Bollworm, White Burshi, and Thrisp. It has been observed that the plant height gets reduced to three to four feet with merely 15 flowers per plant due to these diseases.

Inadequate Rainfall Hampers Plant Growth

This year, rains have not been kind to Indian cotton farmers. The cotton plants need rainfall during their growth and the time is now, but the insufficient rain has already hampered this year’s cotton production. To add more troubles the attack of Pink Bollworm is reducing the yield further. Moreover, lack of irrigation systems made the condition worse for the Indian cotton farmers. As reported by Finance Express, Atul Ganatra, the President of CAI, stated that the Khandesh region in Maharashtra–the major cotton producing region–has detected all three major diseases including Pink Bollworm, White Burshi, and Thrisp. Moreover, due to non-irrigated areas sowing in June end, the cotton plants have become weak in absence of rain. Thus, it is possible that the overall revenue generation from the cotton industry will be less than the last year.

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