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Pentagon To Pump $2 Billion In Artificial Intelligence Project To Develop New Smart Machines

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. during its 60th anniversary on 6th September this year announced that it is planning to invest $ 2 billion in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project. The research agency of Pentagon intends to develop new smart machines with this technology which will complete the task of 20 years in just five years time.

While talking with the newspersons on the occasion, the Deputy Director of DARPA, John Everett stated that now is the good time to start seeding the AI field. AI is used to develop machines that will perform the tasks that traditionally humans have been doing until now. As of now, nothing is trendier than machine learning and AI in business and technology circles.

That is why most of the leading IT and technology companies are keen on coming up with their own solutions in AI. Even the leading search engine, Google is not far behind. Recently the giant IT Company introduced an AI system that could be used to book a reservation or make a call to the restaurant. Interestingly, the call sounds entirely like a human.

Rapid breakthroughs in the last decade in Artificial Intelligence have motivated all the top companies to recruit AI skills for developing innovative solutions in their respective working areas. The reason is that the machines are comparatively more accurate at understanding images, recognizing speech and processing words. That has led to the launch of some of the most popular products by IT leaders such as Siri by Apple, self-driving vans by Waymo and the most talked-about Alexa by Amazon, says CNNMoney.

Regarding the investment by DARPA, it will distribute $2 billion among 20 existing projects in the upcoming five years. According to PHYS, the research agency is planning to come up with new project launches in the next 12 months and seek higher level machine learning. The director of DARPA, Steven Walker stated that they want to explore how machines built from Artificial Intelligence technology can communicate and develop reasoning abilities and adapt to new situations and environments.

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