Patients To Gain More Control With Blockchain-Enabled Medical Technology

A blockchain-enabled service called recently started a pilot study with the aim to provide the patients’ better control over their medical records through technology. As a participant of the beta testing mode, a woman from London has already started using the platform for accessing video consultation with her General Practitioner.

Developed by a startup company from the UK, Medicalchain in collaboration with Groves Medical Group, a private clinic chain, aims to introduce transparency in the exchange of medical records between health caregivers and patients. The service will ensure that the transfer between patient and doctor is secure.

According to the UK-based developer, their blockchain service provides greater flexibility to the patients over where and how they should receive medical advice. In a way, it gives them a control over the medical information and the way they can use it. With the help of this system, the patients or users can consult a practicing doctor remotely by paying a small fee that is directly paid to the doctor.

After bringing revolutionary changes in many fields, blockchain is now introducing it in medical technology. The pharma industry is already testing multiple blockchain-enabled products for using the technology in the supply chain so that a transparency is maintained when it comes to keeping the custody of medicines while they move from the manufacturer to the patient, according to PMLive.

Apart from, Guardtime, a software security company in Amsterdam has also come up with a blockchain-based platform for maintaining personal care record. According to officials, the software can provide service to around 30 million U.K. NHS (National Health Services). Through the service, the patients can gain instant access to their personal medical details, according to Healthcare The service also provides medication adherence and personal care pathways via Smartphones.

The growing importance of blockchain in healthcare and medical technology is undeniable. The potential of blockchain technology will be discussed by experts during a Beverly Hills Health IT Summit to be held on November 8 and 9, 2018, this year at the Beverly Hills’ Sofitel in Los Angeles, according to Healthcare

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