Palazzo First Real Estate To Be Valued At 550 Bitcoin In Malta

At existing BTC prices, the Palazzo in the capital of Malta has set everyone back by offering for sale with $3 million USD price tag. The Palazzo estate while traveling to a local blockchain conference recently stated that Maltese Mansion goes on sale for BTC in advance of Malta conference. Malta has been proving that it is at its top crypto headlines for extremely advanced projects in the blockchain space. It also reveals that the country is positive in accepting both blockchain and cryptocurrency, and due to this continuing positivism, the usage of Bitcoin is increasing tremendously over the period of time.

Malta is the very first country to provide a regulatory background for business operators. The 860 is situated at the Mediterranean island’s vivacious capital of Valletta. With the help of the Bitcoin, one could purchase this impressive building where investors could proudly say that they have claimed and purchased their first cryptocurrency property on ‘Blockchain Island.

According to the property owner Ian Fitzpatrick, there are many people with net worth who are looking at Malta as a place to invest their crypto wealth and this is the perfect example of the property that has come from the market in cryptocurrency, as reported by CCN.

Thus blockchain technology, DLT and cryptocurrency are where the invention is taking place at present and at the same time Malta can provide the first jurisdiction in the world to regulate the blockchain sector. He further stated that palazzo being more than four centuries old is a part of an initiative called CryptoHomes has collaborated with KnowMeNow blockchain based KYC solution to get every ‘know your customer’ (KYC) details from the investors.

A report published in Live Bitcoin News, besides just the real estate, there are luxury goods also in demand some of them include luxury cars and jewelry. In case the palazzo in Malta is sold for Bitcoin, an innovative example will be shaped consequently.

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