Opera’s In-Built Ethereum Wallet Enables Users Sending Cryptokitties From Cryptocurrency Wallet

Opera announced the launch of an in-built Ethereum wallet. The globally-acclaimed web browser has now decided to allow its users to send crypto collectibles like Cryptokitties directly from the inbuilt crypto wallet.

Opera recently declared that it has added support for a “curated list of ERC-721 Unique Tokens/Collectibles” which will allow the users to directly send the crypto collectibles from the crypto wallet to the persons they want to.

During the launch of Ethereum crypto wallet earlier, the officials said that it was directly added to the browser. It was also added to the desktop version of its web browsing software. Now since the company believes that collectibles have a crucial place in people’s everyday lives, it wants its users to collect the unique collectibles (as called Non-Fungible Tokens) and store them in their wallet. These tokens may range from basketball cards to the popular Cryptokitties.

The team of the popular web browser expressed its enthusiasm towards the crypto-collectibles boom as this trend is quite new and expected to increase over time. Previously, the users required visiting a digital marketplace and trading them, whereas now they can directly send crypto collectibles from the crypto wallet and send to anyone.

With the improvement in technology and usability, more online games and even other services will adopt such (non-fungible) tokens, Opera’s unnamed official believes, as reported by Block Tribune.

“We have changed this and made sending crypto collectibles as easy as sending money via Venmo in the US or Vipps or Swish in Scandinavian countries,” the official further cited.

On the other hand, the second feature with the new update deal with a function of crypto transaction notification. This notification reportedly resolves the existing common problem of the users who believe to be unaware of the status of an ongoing transaction, reported.

Ethereum crypto wallet will be solving the problem by tracking all the transactions of the users. Then the users will be updated with the transaction improvements.

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