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Open Space Exchanges Use Blockchain Technology For Maintaining Consensus Mechanism

Blockchain technology has reached out to the most unexpected areas of trade and commerce apart from the mainstream sectors. Indeed, it has been used extensively in the finance, technology, energy, healthcare and supply chain areas but there are many other domains which are not visible in the mainstream. One such deployment of this technology has been found in the exchange goods for services and vice-versa. ShareMeAll is the platform which has created an open space for the exchanges that is powered by the future technology.

Understanding the market development and circumstances ShareMeAll provides a platform that is a legal form of barter system which the introduction of cryptocurrency called the eSwitch®. Ths open marketplace serves as the location for sharing of goods and services. The users of this platform hold the prime position while security and trust are the responsibility of the eSwitch® cryptocurrency.

This is completely cash free trade in which blockchain technology is used for assigning the values of the services and goods with the help of a consensus mechanism. Therefore, there is no need for fiat currency, cash or credit. Apart from goods and services it also has a provision to offer accommodation facilities across the globe, as mentioned by Nulltx.

ShareMeAll And eSwitch® Authenticity Checks

ShareMeAll also facilitates ICO investors to import their virtual currency wallet and export them into eSwitch®. Later, the tokens can be converted into other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or in fiat currency like Dollar.

The ShareMeAll project has been developed in order to enhance the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across the globe. According to Digital Journal, the cryptocurrency eSwitch® is registered and has been certified by the National Institute of Industrial property. The accelerating use of cryptocurrency and blockchain will help the users to build their know-how of this new emerging trend.

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