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Ontology Blockchain Project Ecosystem And Its Underlying Architecture: How AI Is Changing Gaming Industry?

The blockchain project ecosystem with a successful implementation is capable of making a huge transformation. One such makeover is taking place in the gaming industry with the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) dubbed as Ontology getting into a partnership with the largest gaming-as-a-service provider of North Asia Ubitus.

Ubitus specializes in streaming game content with the help of virtualized GPU resources and cloud technology. The company is now planning to utilize Ontology blockchain in order to develop an Artificial Intelligence system. It is known that the game zone related companies are taking a keen interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The usage of these technological advancements has enhanced the gaming experience which permits the player to compete against any non-playing character.

The imagination of such a blockchain project ecosystem seems fabulous and quite ahead of its time. Their idea is to make the full usage of blockchain in the field of data identity, data exchange, and smart contracts. Both Ubitus and Ontology are looking forward to creating a decentralized AI computing network for enhanced gaming and cross-chain development. In fact, this entire platform can be even utilized in other areas as well beyond gaming as mentioned by Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

Ontology, AI And Blockchain Technology

The ontology will make available Ubitus with blockchain features which will enhance the AI system and its related components. The developers of Ubitus will now have complete access to AI model sharing, database, and training. Both the platforms will work closely in association with each other following a trail of development. (Via Unhashed)

The recent addition of blockchain project ecosystem and AI is nothing less than an achievement which will be seen in the upcoming endeavors. The blockchain based games have a fair niche market which is expected to rise now with this partnership. It is speculated that the enhancement of AI will bring blockchain powered games to the mainstream in the upcoming years.


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