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OKEx Crypto Exchange Manages USD/BTC Contract Worth $460

OKEx one of biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world has recently announced a new programme. This new programme operative format is known as Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program. The idea of the new project intends to rope in individuals and organizations who take a keen interest in setting up their own exchange.

However, recently the exchange noticed a huge order coming from the user under the ID of 2051247 and tried to encourage him/her to lessen it for the sake of risk management. Despite this, the unidentified person did not wish to enter its position, so OKEx had to restrict that individuals account to keep the order from growing more.

In order to lessen the values of the occasion, OKEx billed 2500 BTC out of its own funds to restock the insurance fund. The exchange also came up with a new policy and rules that arrived into force on August 4. They limited the size of orders to stop such accidents from happening in the future.

OKEx Help In Developing Cryptocurrency

OKEx has also introduced a new international version of the okcoin.com platform due to some issues with the Chinese government and so they had to separate the altcoin market to okex.com. OKEx is more trading-focused version of OKCoin. The company behind both projects is based in China. This can explain the comparatively less popularity of this exchange in the west and the convenience of Bitcoin and Litecoin futures contracts.

Market analysts expect the launch of the new coins on this exchange to be considered as a positive indicator by those who are holding EOS assets. Earlier this year, OKEx had released a program which had attracted high profile investors in the cryptosystem. As per the news published in Coin Shark, OKEx is said to be one of the busiest exchanges in the world which can handle numerous transactions of worth $1 billion.

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